new ifile lets you see the file system

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new ifile lets you see the file system

Post by thelip » Tue May 27, 2014 9:11 am

So this might not hang around the app store for too long, but you might check out: ... ce=twitter I took the gamble and tossed in my $2 and can confirm that it sees the root file structure, but it also has crashed at the first launch out of the gate. I'll be a little frustrated if this works (& apple allows it) because i've burned a lot of time into my raspberrypi browser idea. That is also not 100% to my liking right now either so ifile might be a great substitute.

Anyway, happy file managing!

EDIT: whoa! i just had a chance to look closer at this and it was definitely misleading. It can see a bit of the root file structure, but nothing helpful for the purposes of auria. I'm so sorry if anybody grabbed this under my false flag of helpful app finds. :-/

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