Exporting Auria Multi-Track projects to Logic Pro 9

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Exporting Auria Multi-Track projects to Logic Pro 9

Post by sandpiper » Sat Jun 13, 2015 12:07 pm

I'm quite new to the world of digital recording so I apologize in advance if this seems like a ridiculous question. I checked the Auria owners manual (specifically Chapter 7) for solutions but came up short...

I am trying to export a real instrument multi-track project from Auria to Logic Pro 9 for editing and mixing but when I import the tracks everything gets moved to the 1st bar causing all the parts of the song to be out of alignment. Has anyone out there experienced issues like this using Auria and Logic Pro 9? If so, do you know how to import a project into Logic Pro 9 and make all the tracks line up properly? Any info you might have would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for your time.

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Re: Exporting Auria Multi-Track projects to Logic Pro 9

Post by amahdigital » Sun Jun 21, 2015 5:51 am

Hello Sandpiper , when I am transferring tracks to Cubase myself I create a Stem mix first of all the tracks by going to menu
-then Mix down then choose file type -STEMS press ok -( selection range = entire song ) then press ok

this will create a copy of all the tracks in your project to a new folder labelled ( Stems Mix ) version of your song project when you go to import audio menu.

At this point you could create a new version of your project and simply import the tracks in from import audio menu by clicking on the folder which will reveal the stem files .
all track files will be aligned and start at the same place when imported as long as you select entire song range . Ready to export to your other DAW.

hope this helps.

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