Using effects/plugins (total NOOB question - sorry)

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Using effects/plugins (total NOOB question - sorry)

Post by Trash » Fri Jul 20, 2018 7:46 am

I think it is time I asked some dumb questions to try to clarify some concepts I have never really got me hear around.

The main problem I have with software based recording (as opposed to my old hard disk based and before that cassette based setups) is that I really understand plugins.

To help me clarify my understanding of how these work in Auria can anyone help with answers to the following questions:

1 if I use a Chorus effect on a track can I use the chorus on a different track simultaneously but with different settings or is the Chorus effect tied to that track (in the same way it would be if I was using a physical chorus pedal.

2 - I'm thinking of investing in ProQ (although I am still investigating how much I would actually use it). Similarly to question 1 is it possible to use Pro Q to process separate tracks in different ways simultaneously

3 - Part of my confusion comes from some behaviour that I reported a while back:
I had used an effect setup called "Clean Guitar" on a previous guitar track (track 3) and wanted to use a slight variation on a subsequent guitar track (track 6). I hadn't realised that editing the "Clean Guitar" setup for the new track (track 6) would also alter the previously recorded guitar track (recorded on track 3).

Which tends to suggest that a plugin effect is like a physical effect and can't be used with different settings on more than one track at once - but that doesnt seem to agree with other things I have seen around (and unfortunately all the literature seems to assume a basic knowledge of DAWs).

4 - Last point -
Do Auria's built-in plugins /effects behave the same way as third-party ones with regards to the questions above?

So confused...

Apologies if the questions above are not really clear but I hope someone can help.

Many many thanks



Re: Using effects/plugins (total NOOB question - sorry)

Post by Jmcmillan » Fri Jul 20, 2018 11:51 am

This Is my understanding of using plugins in Auria.
There are three main ways: 1. Auria native plugins 2. 3rd party Inter-app Audio 3. 3rd party AU
1. With Auria plugins, you can use as many instances as your CPU can handle.
2. With 3rd party Inter-app Audio, you can use one instance at a time
3. With 3rd party AU, you can use as many AU instance as CPU can handle.

How to insert them:
For Auria native and AU type:
You can insert them on a track in the FX slots. Each tracks insert FX is it's own instance and has it's own setting.

For Interapp audio, you get one to insert on a track.

Another way to use FX is to make a new Audio track and use AUX sends to send a portion of the signal from a track through the Aux Send and back to the Master. On the Aux send, you can insert an effect. This mean you can use one Aux effect for several tracks, telling each track to send its signal through the Aux send
Hope that helps,

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Re: Using effects/plugins (total NOOB question - sorry)

Post by Trash » Sat Jul 21, 2018 3:33 am

Jon - thank you that is indeed very clear and a huge help.

One last question (please):

Is each instance of a plugin totally independent i.e. will changing parameters in one instance effect those in another?

Many thanks again for taking the time to respond - much appreciated!

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