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Song will not mix down - Auria Pro

Post by Ericd921 » Sun Aug 26, 2018 12:18 am

Anybody else having an issue with songs not mixing down? I've got everything going, no soloed or muted tracks, and when I do a mixdown and add it as a new track, the track shows up but it's blank. Also, I recorded some mono guitar tracks and they only pan to the left; fade out when panned right. Not sure what the issue is, but maybe I'm missing something? I'm just getting back into heavy recording and have missed quite a few updates on Auria Pro. Or I'm just getting rusty...all help is appreciated! Btw, I just updated Auria.

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Re: Song will not mix down - Auria Pro

Post by Jmd0820 » Sun Aug 26, 2018 5:53 pm

It has happened to me also. The mixed down file is in the project folder. You can import it from there and delete the blank track. I have also noticed this happens sometimes when importing a file that needs sample rate conversion.

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Re: Song will not mix down - Auria Pro

Post by Anthony Alves » Sun Aug 26, 2018 8:47 pm

Here is a way in which the flat line mixdown is created. If the Master is turned off in the Output Matrix page, creating a mixdown will create a track with no audio. In addition there will be no audio in the wav file stored in Auria either so re-importing the file back into the project will not help here. The reason for this is because Aurias main internal audio bussing uses the Master out. So when the Master out is unselected, Auria passes no audio internally not even during mixdown. Auria mixes down by plaing the audio tracks summed out the master and re-records it to the storage drive. Users who use multi channel audio interfaces often need to turn off the master as all channels are sent out the master even after the track has been assigned out to a hardware output. This dual output requires the user to turn off the master or they can never isolate the tracks so that they are not summed together. Turning the master out off on the channel was possible in ealier versions of Auria but it is no longer possible since the introduction of AuriaPro. You might be experiencing this problem or you may be experiencing a mixdown bug that has been around for some time. This was especially the case with the Bounce Track in Place function but I think this one has been fixed in v2.19. Cheers.~~_/)~~~*

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