No stereo input anymore? Also no “USB” indicator with interface plugged in

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No stereo input anymore? Also no “USB” indicator with interface plugged in

Post by Volvobrad007 » Sat Apr 06, 2019 6:17 pm

Hello all!

I’m hoping someone out there in the community can lend a helping hand. I’ve gotten stumped here and can’t seem to figure out what the fix is, or if its a setting or if it’s user error, or what the story is.

The problem:

I was recording stereo tracks just fine. A week or so went by, and now when I try to record in stereo, I get what appears to be only the left side or a summed left/right to mono. I can see on the input matrix that indeed Auria is receiving signal on both channels, and in fact, if I make two separate mono tracks and assign input 1 to Track 1 and input 2 to Track 2 (arm them both for recording) and then pan track one hard left and track 2 hard right and have recording monitoring on, i get a stereo recording that is indeed in stereo (but as I mentioned, in two tracks, taking up more space unnecessarily. Before, however, I was able to make a single stereo track and record stereo. I’m confused and stuck. Please help!

EDIT: Also, I just noticed that the Input Matrix shows “Mic” and “2”, however when I tap on “- -“ (under) Input, it only shows “Mic”, “Master L” and “Master R”. I could have sworn it used to show “Mic” and “Track 2”.

I also just tried to uninstall and reinstall Auria. I successfully uninstalled it and reinstalled Auria, however no change in record input or the “USB” indicator when using my iRig Pro Duo :(

Here’s the equipment I am using:

iPad Pro 12.9 (3rd generation)
iRig Pro Duo
Genuine Apple Camera Connection Kit (USB C)

Also as a side note, and something else I am unable to understand, is why when I plug the iRig pro duo into the CCK and then into the iPad, regardless of the order I either open Auria or plug in my iRig, I have never* been able to get Auria to show “USB” as opposed to “INT”. Any thoughts or suggestions would be most helpful. I did look on the Auria website and found (before I purchased the irig Pro Duo) that it is a compatible device. I did try plugging in an old Behringer UCA200 (i believe, i need to double check the model) and it too only shows as “INT” and not “USB” (still showing “Mic” and “2” as inputs. I am willing to purchase a Focusrite Scarlett, (which isn’t to solve this particular problem) which may be a cleaner input, but am confused as to why the iRig refuses to show up as “USB”. Which then poses the question, is Auria using the iPad’s internal A/D converter? Or is it using the iRig A/D converter?

When the iRig Pro Duo is plugged in, Auria does show two separate inputs (meaning two inputs) as indicated in the input matrix, as opposed to a single input when I have nothing connected to my iPad. It shows up as “Mic” and “2”. I even purchased the mini-DIN to USB-C adapter for the iRig Pro Duo, and no love there either (plugging the iRig directly into the iPad). It still does not indicate “USB” at the top right of Auria.

As a side note, if I open Cubasis, and assign the routing (when the iRig Pro Duo is plugged in) I can easily record a stereo track. Very confused. It was working before, and no longer. The only changes were that I downloaded BeatMaker 3 and a few other apps AudioSynth One, and even BeatMaker 3 recognizes the iRig Pro Duo as just that “iRig Pro Duo”. I can’t seem to any longer get Auria to even make a stereo recording without using the two track method I mentioned above.

Just to answer another question, yes, I have closed all background apps, so that Auria is the only app active, as well as restarting the iPad several times in an attempt to correct the problem. I can’t get any love at all. Just a summed mono track :(

I am relatively new to Auria — I’ve only had it for about a month or two now, but been having a great time with it and all of its features, which I haven’t even had time to fully dive into it all. I also downloaded all of the FabFilter plug-ins to use for my recordings for mixing, and look forward to taking advantage of them but with this stereo recording problem, I’m just plain stumped.

In advance, I’d like to thank anyone who is willing to help, and any help or suggestions you guys may have! I really appreciate it!

Hoping to find some resolution to my problem and get back to recording as soon as possible!

Thanks so much to all!


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