No Audio Input on App Startup

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No Audio Input on App Startup

Post by Vincebel » Mon Nov 07, 2016 7:38 am

When using Auria on the iPad Air2 with the Behringer XR18, the app doesn't recognize the audio signal from the XR18 on the initial startup. I have to always shut the app down (swipe the app away to shut it down) and then re-start it in order for the app to recognize the audio from the XR18. Is there any way to fix this problem?

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Re: No Audio Input on App Startup

Post by mididrum » Mon Nov 28, 2016 12:21 am

from xr 18 it's usual
just restart behringer,resulting in Auria input matrix an 18 input map corresponding to Xr18 USB OUTPUT
settings ( could differ from its 1-16 inputs analog inputs following xr18 output USB MATRIX)
17/18 AURIA ins are xr18 MASTER output ( again could differ following choice into Xr18 - many- (!) matices
You will need to SWITCH ( aux in better) xr18 mixer channel input to USB to get AURIA MASTER return
while taking care of AUDIO loop if you record from xr18 Master track

you dont need to open or use any audio tracks open in Auria project since AURIA MONO or STEREO created tracks MUST follow your xr18 choice of linking input tracks if swapped stereo
Later you can CREATE Auria tracks ( mono or stereo) on the fly to match what you can SEE at Auria Input Matrix
of course you could choose to create 16 mono or 8 stereo Auria tracks to match xr18 ( depending your xr18 links) as well
get a matching mixed choice
That saves iPad screeview should you dont need 16 tracks AT ONCE LIVE recording: no matters where are plug your xr 18
than can any way mixed to record again INTO different Auria tracks YOU MUST NAME on mixer screen to save from mess!!

Best choice in xr18 (usb matrix OUT :click left to get coloured choice) is to SET analog ins to PREFADER (not mute)
so AURIA RECORDING tracks get independant recording -no matters your choice of monitoring BY each Xr18 Track to master
Holding Red rec push on EACH AURIA track let you ATTENUATE input rec signal from Xr18 ( having ALSO an input

just Boring (wish it different from AURIA ....) are its Midi tracks created where...WHEN you create them INSTEAD of much MORE suitable order : left screen midi tracks ,right screen AUDIO Ttracks) to save from intricated tracks mess...
Should you need Midi tracks, best way NOW is to create 4 Midi tracks before to start (one per rec CH needed) then create suitable Audio tracks
Auria Matrix created by Xr18 switched ON AFTER AURIA IS OPEN don't care nor NEED any Auria Track already created
But create your owns soon BEFORE using Iaa Audiobus hosting Auria :that creates rec tracks added to existing auria tracks, so mess xr18 track order might not be suitable for ease of mix of NAMED tracks .Only beginners will prefer to follow xr18 tracks order, later Pro (!) will choose Their own way...
Don't miss it : Auria can route .(matrix out usb) busses to Xr18 effects, and get them back recorded from Main Mix xr18 to usb 17/18 Usb matrix in to...any stereo Track of Auria
To SAVE from Audio loop You must adress Auria recording output any track to SUB 1 and at AURIA MATRIX OUT to mute its output. as well any SUB in AURIA can be routed back to any Xr18 track where you SWAP its input from Analog To USB
That's the best way to use SUBS to xr18 effects processing
there is NO domageable latency that way in/out side effecr other than a short time stereo suitable effecr...

For Pros,or Live recording the Behringer Xr 18 RACK is the BEST rack choice to match AURIA EASY, Safe, Sound proof
i used MANY ( i am Pro studio engineer) NONE give YOU such ease -No matters how much money you SAVED anyway- But Take care Xr 32 inputs are a MESS and only Mikes, Xr 16 and below NOT USB2 cannot record Multitracks Live

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Re: No Audio Input on App Startup

Post by Cdeis6645 » Tue Jan 17, 2017 5:59 pm

Was very frustrated with this issue as the first time I hooked up 6 mics and recorded from the xr18 it worked flawlessly, I just make sure Auria set at 48k when starting a new project, but then next time no signal even from the built in iPad mic!........found out I had to set my IPad Air 2 microphone to "on" under settings/privacy, to get any signal, this applies to the xr18's channels thru the USB to lightning, not just the iPad mic, yeah finally working!

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