Auria and Auria Pro mixdown issue

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Auria and Auria Pro mixdown issue

Post by djanton73 » Sat Mar 04, 2017 6:43 pm


Is there any major differences between Auria app WITH same feature as the Auria Pro and Auria Pro itself? I don't know if it's related issue but sometimes Auria crashed when I try to mixdown one track or multiple tracks (with no effects & plug-ins, just using Audio Quantize in Warp mode)

FYI, I have Auria with same feature as the Auria Pro (since it wrotes ONLY "Auria" in the icon displayed on my iPad Air 2). When I look upon the App Store, the Auria app shows OPEN and Auria Pro shows its price. But if i look upon the Auria Store and scrolled down the UPGRADES menu, it was empty. Does it mean I have only Auria instead of Auria Pro or otherwise?

Thank you

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