Bug midithru AU midi plugin

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Bug midithru AU midi plugin

Post by Pejman » Wed May 01, 2019 2:49 am

Thanks for new update
I have tested midi thru but sometimes it doesn’t on or off and next problem midi thru is always on even when I disable it .

1. Create one midi track
2. In channel strip select Physicles gravity for example.
3. Disable New icon midi thru in midi plugin window.
4. Play with auriapro virtual keyboard , or lyra keyboard .
Result I hear direct midi notes ( midi thru ) and then affected notes via physicles gravity .


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Re: Bug midithru AU midi plugin

Post by Rodolfo » Wed May 01, 2019 2:46 pm

Hi @Pejman
In Auria Pro v2.23 the screen keyboard is not affected by the MIDI THRU button on AU MIDI plugins since it also triggers the track Instrument directly.
The MiDI THRU button is just intended for what is coming from the preceidng plugin, not the screen keyboard (the behavior in Auria Pro is different from other hosts where the screen keyboard is treated as a first plugin in the chain).

In order to setup something as you describe, you need to insert an AU keyboard plugin such as the Xequence AU Keys or the KB-1 in the first insert slot before Phisycles.

Hope this helps.

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