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Tempo map

Post by Jmd0820 » Fri Mar 30, 2018 6:56 am

I am having a hard time figuring out how to use this for midi tracks. Many songs I work on tempo changes a lot. I could not find any info in owners manual. Any help would be great

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Re: Tempo map

Post by therealdmt » Tue Jun 19, 2018 9:56 am

First, you’ll want to be in "Editor View", the view where you can see waveforms of what you record, not the channel strip view.

Okay, so in Editor View (aka "Edit View"), set the tempo and time signature for the beginning of the song, or perhaps for the main part of the song, your choice.

Then touch the ‘Edit’ button up where it says ‘Menu Edit Process’ on the top line there.

The drop down menu that comes up will include an item called ‘Tempo Track’ — touch It.

Now you’ll see a new grey screen come up over where the waveforms would normally be. This grey screen is divided in half horizontally, and on the left it has labels in a lighter gray section explaining that the top half is for Tempo and the bottom half for Time Signature. Across each of the two horizontally divided sections, you’ll see a horizontal blue line (one blue line across the top [Tempo] section, a second blue line across the bottom [Time Signature] section). If you want to change the tempo at a certain point in the song, touch the blue line running across the Tempo section at that point in the song (the bars or time counter for the song will still be visible up above this gray area) and move the line up for a faster tempo and down for a slower tempo. Numbers will come up telling you exactly what tempo you’ve changed to, so adjust as necessary. If the tempo changes again at another point in the song, repeat the procedure at that point, and so on, until all your tempo changes are mapped.

If you also change time signatures, move the blue line running across the bottom "Time Signature’" half up or down and you’ll see various options in terms of time signatures be displayed as you move the bar. This is a bit less intuitive than merely changing the tempo, but not too bad.

Unfortunately, the metronome seems to only count in at the original tempo/time signature you set for the song, so this can be confusing for overdubs. Also, if you make too many changes, Auria can seem to get confused as to bars and such. I think this implementation could still use some work, but on the other hand it is quite useful.

Hope this helps!

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